Veps is a band from Oslo, Norway, that includes Laura (guitar), June (bass), Maja (drums) and Helena (keys/piano) whom have known each other since elementary school. The girls started playing together in middle school at the age of 14.

The name Veps means wasp in Norwegian and came about in a slightly cosmic and random way. “One day while in our rehearsal room, we were discussing what our band name should be when all of a sudden a wasp came flying through the window, and we just looked at each other and yelled “Veps!” Drummer Maja killed the big queen wasp before they continued their rehearsal.

While still in high school, the band has managed to, self-release two singles on their own. Both Do I Hear A Maybe? and Funny Things showcase a songwriting sensibility far beyond their youthful years. With a seamless blend of 90’s indie aesthetic and classic pop hooks, Veps already has their very own, fully formed sound.

Their forthcoming release 'Open The Door' consists of six tracks, and the band describes it like this: 'Open The Door' is a love letter to our teenage years. It’s a coming of age record, but as we’re still 17, maybe we can say that it’s more like coming of age in real time? 

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